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Meet Floyd!


So, THIS is what I’ve been working on, in between dyeing nearly 250 skeins over the last couple of weeks. One sleeve to go! I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to block a design. This Ritual Dyes Elder really comes to life when blocked. Rambouillet is my favorite wool and this Quartzite colorway is just gorgeous. I wanted to use Primrose Homestead in From London with Love simply because I thought they looked great together.  But what about the weight discrepancy? Elder is light worsted and Homestead is sport weight. After blocking my swatch, I realized that Elder is The Boss and Homestead tagged along to the same gauge. Using stripes as the design feature not only made that gauge submission possible, it would also show off the color shift and range of Homestead. Win! Win! 

   I created the stripe pattern as I knitted the sample. Susie W. (I call her the President of my fan club) told me to “funk it up with stripes”.  I did have certain rules/guidelines in my head as I went. Parameters are, believe it or not, helpful in design. It focuses your energy and can force you to find surprising solutions. There was plenty of ripping back and reknitting, all part of the process. 

   Because the shape of Reid was so popular (and flattering), I (hopefully) have created something similar. There are increases in the back to allow booty room and I expect those to come alive with blocking. The stripes will also open up and be more prominent. 

   I am fortunate to work at such a spectacular yarn shop. Where else would I find such an amazing selection of yarns!? More updates to come, stay tuned!

This design is named after J.H. Floyd. You can read more about this important figure in Sarasota's History HERE.

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