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Hand-Dyed Yarn Info

There are a few things to know and understand about Hand-Dyed and Hand-Painted Yarns:

- Always with hand-dyed yarn: be prepared to alternate skeins every few rows, if you are using more than one skein in a single project. These yarns are hand-dyed or hand-painted in small batches, sometimes one at a time.

- I strive to represent the colorways as accurately as possible. The photo shown for each colorway is a representation. As with all hand-dyed yarn, color placement and amount will vary from skein to skein. Isn't that the beauty of hand-dyed yarn? No two are exactly alike.

- With any dyed material (even clothing/fabric), some bleeding may occur with the first washings. I rinse my yarns by hand until the water runs clear, but the chance for bleeding is still there. Just be aware of the possibility and wash accordingly.

- The fiber content of the yarn will affect how it takes the dye and the outcome will vary, one yarn to another (example: silk will take dye differently than wool or alpaca).

- I recommend hand-washing with a gentle wool wash for all of my products. Eucalan and Soak are two of my favorites. This will extend the life of your yarn and projects! 

- Please take into account that some colors may look different on various devices/monitors. I try to describe the colorways as accurately as possible.

My goal is always to maintain the upmost quality and consistency with my products!

- Cat