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A little bit about Largo...

By the Sea fingering weight Florida Hand-Dyed Yarn Knitting linen spring summer Yarn

I recently received an order for the original Grape Ape on Marco (100% Pima cotton). When speaking with the client, she mentioned it was for a garment pattern and I suggested Largo as a replacement. With its fingering weight blend of Alpaca, Linen, and Silk- Largo makes the most luxurious, drapey garments. After walking by this colorway drying for a couple days, I became pretty obsessed with it: I’m a sucker for anything “purple”. I’m hoping to create a new pullover pattern by springtime with this selection. I’ve already dyed a batch for myself and can’t wait to start swatching.

Currently, the only KittyBea pattern that officially uses Largo is McClellan Pullover (held with a laceweight mohair/silk blend). I would also LOVE to see a Wilson Ruana made with Largo. If I had the time, I’d make that one a few times. The lighter than air feel, mixed with a little structure from the linen, makes Largo an all time favorite of mine and perfect for Wilson Ruana


Another aspect of Largo that I love: I can use either type of dye to create new colorways. Because it is 50% Alpaca (animal/protein fiber), 25% Silk (technically animal/protein fiber), and 25% Linen (plant/cellulose fiber), I can use either acid dyes (typically used for animal/protein fibers) or fiber-reactive dyes (typically used for cellulose or plant fibers). Alpaca can be a bit of a pain to use acid dyes with. It takes a lot of heat and mordant (citric acid) to pound darker acid dye colors into it. Funny enough, it seems to accept fiber-active dyes a little easier. Linen doesn't take acid dye, so you get a very pretty, heathered look when using that type of dye with Largo. Silk can can be sensitive to too much mordant, no matter the dye type, so there's always a bit of a balance you strive for as a dyer. 

Working in a wonderful yarn shop for years and after many years of dyeing, I've seen just about every yarn and yarn blend out there. Largo stands out as unique and one of the prettiest, loveliest yarns I've ever worked with. Fun Fact: It's also available in DK weight!

I'm currently offering 20% OFF my entire site. It's a perfect time to try this high-end yarn at a great price!

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