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A Little Story About My Hot Mess

💥Hot Mess💥

There’s a story behind this one. We all know the cliche about artists being temperamental. There happens to be some truth to it. At least there is for me.

Because my website offers so many colorways & bases, and yarn orders are almost never the same ones in a row, I tend to dye to order. I pride myself on being able to repeat colorways: whether it’s 6 in a batch or just 1 and no matter how long it’s been since I dyed a particular one. This method also prevents using up inventory for a smaller business.  Sometimes, I receive a web order that I can’t get to right away for various reasons. Some colorways I could dye in my sleep (here’s looking at you Sea Glass). But for other colorways, I have to be in a certain headspace to produce the repeatable results on the screen.  Extra (Easter Egg) is one of those colorways. This is a hand-painted, labor intensive colorway. I don’t know what was bothering me on this particular day, but Hot Mess was the result of this annoyed or angry headspace (instead of the colorway, Extra). There's no "Undo" command for dye. I ended up redyeing the order and put the pictured skeins away, out of sight. I was pissed all over again that I’d “wasted” inventory and was genuinely and supremely unhappy with the resulting Hot Mess. That was a couple months ago. I don’t know what made me pull these skeins out yesterday, but I suddenly saw them in a different light. I started picturing them with an accent color or a bold neutral choice, like an army/khaki/camo/olive green, maybe deep plum, charcoal or even black? Something unexpected, but grounding for all the bright pops. Add in the idea of a mosaic or brioche stitch pattern..?

The point is, I now love them. For the dynamic and unexpected qualities…for their grungy beauty- I’ll always be that 90s kid.

I have two skeins left (SW Merino/Silk blend, 463yds/100g each). This is a one time offering for a bold and brave knitter. 😎💜 Are you hot mess enough for Hot Mess?

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