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Casey: Superwash Merino Wool Yarn | Hand-Dyed Skeins


This fluffy yarn is unique and another one of our favorites. Most fingering weight yarns use 3 or 4ply construction. This yarn is gently spun with a light twist. That gives this 2ply texture nearly the same amount of drape of a single ply, with improved stitch definition. It is a perfect choice for shawls with interesting designs, as well as garments and accessories. Because of its texture, it gives a wonderfully relaxed appearance.

100% Superwash Australian Merino Wool 

Fingering/Sock Weight, 2ply

408yds/375m, 100g (3.5oz) 

Gauge: 6 sts on US 4

Needles: US 2-6 (2.75mm - 4mm)

Hand Wash Cold, Dry Flat. We recommend hand-washing all of our products (no matter what the manufacturer says) with a gentle wool wash. Eucalan and Soak are two of our favorites. This will extend the life of your yarn and projects!

*** If you are new to Hand-Dyed yarn, please read the Hand-Dyed Yarn Info page before purchasing. ***

Shipping time is estimated at: within 5 business days.

Description of Colorways:

Valencia: Very vibrant cantaloupe with shades of tan/brown with pops of deep orange and red. It is a multi-dimensional colorway.

Myakka: Very vibrant green base with lighter yellow green areas. It. Also has accents of aqua, steel blue and olive. It is a multi-dimensional colorway. 

Drum Circle: Orange blends to pink, which blends into purple. There are beautiful colors and shades of each color that form throughout the skein. 

Sweet Berry: Washes of rose with darker areas of red violet. Speckles and accents of deep gray and berry.

Fruitville: Washes of pale yellow and bright peach with accents of shaded mauve, silver gray and pops of radiant red.

Goldenrod: Pools of various shades of mustard yellow and ochre. There are areas of bare yarn showing through. Speckles and accents of deep green, blue and a few dots of red.

Blue Steel: Shades of neutral brown, steel  blue and silver gray. 

Sarasota Times: Areas of medium and light toned silver gray, streaks/speckles of deep steel blue and faint spots of blush pink. 

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