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NEW! Bea's Beading Apollo Copper Handmade Knitting Stitch Markers


Apollo Handmade Antique Copper Moon Knitting Stitch Markers Set

Designed and made by Bea & Cat, this set of stitch markers for knitting contains 5 markers: Antique copper-plated pewter “Phases of the Moon” charms with rings. Charms are Made in the USA.

Each set contains 3 types of charms for a lovely representation of the phases of the moon. In the northern hemisphere the curved sides of the crescent and half-moons face towards the full moon. In the southern hemisphere they face away!

Set includes:
(1) Full moon: 6.5x6.5mm
(2) Half-moon: 6x3.5
(2) Crescent moon: 6x4mm

Fits up to US 7 (4.5mm) needle.

Qty: 5 


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